Sekhon Syndicate represents both sponsor and investor clients in various investment management activities, operating globally with a focus on the United States and Canada. Our approach integrates insights from diverse practice groups across our global offices, providing clients with holistic counsel for local, cross-border, and global concerns.

Our services encompass advising clients on the formation of a wide range of investment vehicles, spanning registered and unregistered funds, IPOs, spin-outs, mergers and acquisitions. We also assist sophisticated investors and individuals in intricate carried interest planning, intergenerational events, and exits. Collaborating closely with other practice groups, our U.S. and Canada teams support clients in strategic planning and compliance decisions amidst the evolving regulatory landscape for diversified asset managers and cross-border strategies.

Sekhon Syndicate’s enduring partnerships with clients, cultivated from their inception, reflect the wealth of experience gained in nurturing their growth across borders. Our practical approach, innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment to excellence infuse every client engagement, whether with the world’s largest investment management groups or others seeking strategic solutions.

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